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Randy Forgaard, Chief Illusioneer at Illusionator, has loved engineering, entertainment, and entrepreneurship for as long as he can remember.  Randy was co-founder, with Charles H. Ferguson, and chief technology officer of Vermeer Technologies, the company that created Microsoft FrontPage, and holds bachelors and masters degrees in computer science from MIT.  A magician for 35 years, Randy is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle (London), is a lifetime member of the Society of American Magicians, co-authored Magician Pocket Mirrors with Burton S. Sperber (A Real Miracle Series, 2003), and has perhaps the largest collection in the arcane but historically engaging collecting field of magician tokens (coins issued by and for magicians).  Since first visiting Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction in 1970 at age 11, Randy has been a devoted fan of the Haunted Mansion itself (with countless visits to Disneyland and Walt Disney World and more recently to Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris) and of the entertainment potential of haunting in general.  Since 2002, he has been a section head at the annual Hollis Upper Elementary School Haunted House of Hollis, New Hampshire, blending illusion and dread with increasingly detailed, elaborate, and appreciatively frightful results.  At Illusionator, Randy brings his haunting, magic, and engineering expertise to the enjoyable and fascinating task of haunt illusion design and electronic control.  He is also the Illusionator webmaster and graphic designer.
Ken Dobson is Master Illusioneer at Illusionator, and is also jokingly known as "the guy who sits in the corner."  A man of many talents who needs little sleep, Ken is constantly creating, and can nearly always be found inventing in the Illusionator workshop, at the whiteboard, or with CAD drawings on his computer.  Ken was one of the original software engineers behind Timeslips, the well-known time-tracking and billing program for consultants, and studied computer science at Syracuse University and UMass Amherst.  Ken later went on to be a key architect at IntelliLink and later Puma Technology, inventing data synchronization technologies and personally writing software that resides in many cell phones, pagers and other handheld devices used today.  Ken has a lifetime of experience in performance and entertainment, as a thespian, clown, and organizer of professional live-action role playing events.  An experienced haunter, Ken has been a key inventor, builder, actor, and haunt overseer at the annual Hollis Upper Elementary School Haunted House of Hollis, New Hampshire since 2002.  Ken is a craftsman, the author of the Illusionator wall system construction plans, and a tireless prototyper and production builder, with more exciting haunted creations always on the drawing board.  Sweating the details and walking the delicate balance between engineering elegance and commercial buildability, Ken brings his strong experience in software modularity to his flexible product designs for professional haunters.
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