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Illusionator's exclusive VideoArt™ haunted artwork, which we design and build in-house, is theme park quality with a strong "Wow!" factor.  These are paintings, printed on real canvas, in a top-quality wood frame, that come alive with ghostly full-motion video and sound for a frightening, surprising, and crowd-pleasing effect.  They mount directly into your own haunt's walls, and look and feel for all the world like an ordinary piece of art until they suddenly move, groan, and wail!  Priced at just $750 (plus actual-cost shipping and insurance), VideoArt is highly affordable yet made from high-end materials and will add instant high-tech appeal to your haunt.  Your customers will bring back their friends to see it again and again!

"I was blown away by Illusionator who has a product called VideoArt.  Their VideoArt piece called Ship of the Dead debuted at HAuNTcon and all I can say is wow!  It's a picture of a ship that catches fire, burns and sinks right before your eyes Amazing!"
— Gwendel Rodriguez,
Haunted Attraction Magazine,
Issue #48, 2007

The VideoArt™ frame measures 23¾" x 17¾".  The painting is printed on scrim.  There is a bright, high-quality LCD monitor with built-in speakers attached to the frame directly behind the painting.  Included is a small, self-contained media playback unit that repeatedly plays the video on the LCD monitor, with a brief pause between each iteration.  When the video is not playing, the scrim appears opaque.  But when the video plays, it shines brightly through the scrim, as though the painting itself has come alive.  The effect is remarkable.

We introduced Ship of the Dead, our first VideoArt™ piece, at HAuNTcon in May 2007.  It was a strong seller, a hit of the show.  Haunters stopped and stared and told us again and again that they had never seen anything like it.  View the actual video of Ship of the Dead here on the right side of this page.  We are currently working on several additional VideoArt pieces that we plan to introduce at the IAAPA Attractions Show in November 2007.  Please join our email list to be notified of new product introductions.

To order, click the "Add to Cart" button below, or contact us directly to order over the phone.  We look forward to hearing from you!

VideoArt: Ship of the Dead

Shipping and insurance are extra, and are charged when we ship.  There are no handling fees; we just charge the actual shipping and insurance cost.  See shipping page for details.


"We have installed your
VideoArt: Ship of the Dead in our Shipwrecked haunt, and it looks and sounds great!!  Thanks again!"
— Katie Olender,
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo,
Tampa, Florida, USA
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