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Illusionator is the exclusive seller of ScareFX™ from Hollow 3D.  ScareFX™ are visual effects imagery produced specifically as a scare element for the haunted attraction and dark ride industries.

ScareFX™ are DVD-quality video production clips designed to play on standard LCD computer screens, televisions, and digital projectors.  The video clips run 5 to 10 seconds each and create a high-impact scare utilizing CGI computer animation, live action and sound effects.

When purchased, ScareFX™ are sent to you either on DVD or via online download, your choice.

A perfect accompaniment to ScareFX™ is our VP300 solid-state triggerable DVD-quality video player.  The ScareFX™ video is stored in flash memory within the video player.  The video player displays a black screen, and when triggered, the video player instantly plays back the ScareFX™ video on your LCD screen, TV, or digital projector, before returning to a black screen.  You can even store multiple ScareFX within the video player, and place them on up to 8 different triggers, or have a single trigger rotate through multiple ScareFX™ each time it is triggered.

See below for pricing and frequently asked questions (FAQ) on ScareFX™ and the VP300 solid-state triggerable DVD-quality video player.

To see each of the ScareFX™ videos, click on a thumbnail image below, and then wait a few seconds for the video to playback in a separate, small window.  Please make sure your speakers are turned on.


Lost Soul

Lurks in the Dark


Closet Ogre


Scary Clown

Spastic Clown

Cave Troll


Water Creature

Graveyard Zombie

The pricing on ScareFX™ is as follows:

The VP300 solid-state triggerable DVD-quality video player can be used for ScareFX™, or for any video needs in your attraction.  See the VP300 brochure for additional information.  The pricing on the VP300 is as follows:

NOTE: To place an order for ScareFX™ or the VP300 solid-state triggerable video player, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About ScareFX™

Q. How can ScareFX™ be used in a haunted attraction?

A. There are many ways to use ScareFX™ in your attraction.  All the clips are designed to start on a black screen.  As one example, you could strategically place a large screen TV or projection screen in a dark hallway or dark room.  The screen is black so your guests won't know its there.  As soon as the effect is triggered by a beam sensor, motion detector, pressure mat, or by an actor with a button or remote control, the ScareFX™ clip begins to play instantly, creating a high impact scare, then resets back to a black screen.

Q. What type of equipment do I need to use ScareFX™?

A. You will need:

Q. Can I project the image directly on a wall?

A. Yes, however the image quality will be degraded depending on what type of surface is on the wall.

Q. Can I play ScareFX™ on a small TV?

A. You can, however the scare element will not be as effective as it will on a large TV or digital projector.  The ideal set up is to have a rear projection screen setup, creating either a doorway scene, window scene, etc.

Q. What is involved in creating a rear projection screen setup?

A. Purchase some rear projection screen fabric.  We have had good luck with Grey Rear Projection fabric from Dazian.  Dazian often sells this fabric in useful sizes on eBay.  Stretch the fabric taut and use a staple gun or other method to attach the fabric from behind, across a doorway, window, or a hole in the wall.  Use a digital projector to project the ScareFX™ video onto the back of the screen.  If desired, use the built-in menu on the projector to reverse the video image, so it will appear with the correct orientation when viewed from the front.  Set the projector far enough back that the ScareFX™ video fills the entirety of your rear projection screen.

Q. How do I keep my guests from ruining the rear projection screen?

A. One solution would be to use a piece of ĵ" clear plexiglass (acrylic) to place over the screen.

Q. The ScareFX™ videos are bit too long for my attraction, can they be shortened?

A. Yes.  Just let us know which ScareFX™ video(s) you wish to purchase and tell us what part of the scene you wish to use and we will edit them down at no extra charge.

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