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We offer haunt-related construction plans, from our own experience with haunting and haunted illusion building.  At present, we have two sets of high-quality plans for sale, with more in development.  Once you have placed your online order, we will email the construction plans to you, usually within 24 hours.  To order, please click on the "Add to Cart" button(s) below.

If you are looking to build walls for your haunted attraction, we offer the Illusionator Wall System Construction Plans for building your own lightweight, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-store wall panels for haunts.  These easy-to-follow, 26-page plans include detailed instructions and drawings for building the jig that makes it quick and easy to build the panels.

The panels can be any size up to 4'x8', in 1' increments.  The wall panels are built using 1x2 strapping for the frame and " Luan for the face of the panel, with zip-ties to hold them together where they join.  Using lots of angles in the maze, the panels hold themselves up well.  We recommend using additional screwed-in strapping across the top for long straight runs, and bracing from the rear at each "scare wall."

These panels may sound wimpy, but they work great.  We have built 250 of these panels and used them every year since 2004 at the Hollis Haunted House ( that we help organize annually.  This haunt only runs for one night each year, but about 1000 people go through during that time.  We only have access to the facility for a very limited time, where we set up the whole haunt in 24 hours and take it down in 3 hours, and these lightweight, flexible panels are perfect for this application.

IMPORTANT NOTES: These panels are great for an indoor haunt that must be assembled and disassembled quickly with flexible maze design where there is moderate traffic.  These panels are NOT well suited for outdoor haunts, permanent installations, or haunts that have tens of thousands of annual visitors.

These construction plans will pay for themselves many times over in the speed and ease of panel construction, the quality of the resulting panels, and the re-usability of the panels.  If you want to build lightweight, easy-to-move haunt panels, you will find these construction plans to be very useful.

Illusionator Wall System Construction Plans, $24.95

The Illusionator Collapsible Illusion Box is a very useful component in haunted illusions that require a "black art" box behind a picture, mirror, or other wall feature.  Lined with black triple velvet or black velveteen, the box causes a skull, mask, actor's head, or other object appear to be floating in mid-air.  Moreover, the clever design of the 24"x24"x18" box allows it to be quickly collapsed completely flat for storage and transport, and then expanded again to a rigid box in just a few seconds.  The collapsible illusion box is highly useful for any application that calls for a high-quality box that can be instantly assembled and collapsed and stored flat in the off-season.  These 26-page construction plans are extremely clear and allow almost anyone to build it.

Illusionator Collapsible Illusion Box Construction Plans, $29.95
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